Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You've Got A Friend

In anticipation of the Lester & Louise book to be published in 2010, we take this opportunity to introduce Lester, Louise & friends. Here are some of their recent emails:

Dear Lester & Louise,

What a wild winter, I haven't seen anything but snow, like forever!

Poor Charlie Chipmunk & Susie Squirrel are about to run out of acorns. What can we do??

Oh here's a thought-- What about all of our friends getting together for an acorn & berry hunt & afterwards my place for hot chocolate & marshmallows.

What do you think?


Paula Poodle


  1. Hi There Lester & Louise,

    We've been waiting for U for a long, long, time & am so very glad your blog is now all set.!

    Be sure to say "Hi" to all your friends, from here, to there.

    Love & Peace/Always,

    Mother Lightning

  2. Hi Again Lester & Louise,

    The above comment was made by Peg's co author friend, moi', who is also doing this post.
    Peg & I are still learning a lot of new computer skills, but along the way we're having a lot of fun too!

  3. Love the mice -- and the whole look! All the best on your projects together! xoxo

  4. Hot cocoa and marshmallows? I'm IN!
    Congrats on your new venture. I admire your perseverence and creativity.
    Michelle F.